"In Your Face" Placemat Advertising

Lydenrust Creations started with “In Your Face” Placemat Advertising in 2016 with a friend’s restaurant in Lydenburg.

Within a year, this very reasonably priced form of advertising had grown exponentially to include a number of restaurants in Lydenburg, Nelspruit and White River. 

By 2017, the placemats were being produced in four provinces with a total of over 600 advertisers. 

Restaurants pay nothing for the mats. The commitment they sign is to use the mats on a daily basis for 6 months. After this time, we replace the mats should the restaurant like to continue and donate the old mats to creches or charities of choice. 

The mats are sturdy, non-slip and durable. They are printed to the highest quality. 

Advertisers have the benefit of a different daily audience and whether the customer actually sits waiting for his meal reading the adverts, or sub-consciously absorbs the information in front of him, this is a great form of cost effective advertising for any small to extra large business! On top of this, we will advertise your business on our facebook page as well as a link on our website. All this for less than a meal! Unbelievable right?